Where do I find my Streaming Engine license key?

Q: Where do I find my Streaming Engine license key?

A: You can find this in the Streaming Engine manager or in the install/config folder.

1.  Streaming Engine Manager:

  • The license key you enter when you run Setup to install an instance of Wowza Streaming Engine software is displayed in the License Keys box in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

2.  Streaming Engine installation library:

  • All license key values are stored in the[install-dir]/conf/Server.license file in the Wowza Streaming Engine installation.
  • Navigate to your Wowza Streaming Engine directory.

  • Inside there is a folder named Conf. Click on that Config folder in there, you will see a file named “Server.license”

Please see this article for more information on how to navigate Streaming Engine after installation.

If you still cannot locate the license key, please contact Customer Experience for assistance.