How do I get an M3U8 playback URL from an RTSP camera source?

Q: How do I get a M3U8 playback URL from an RTSP source or IP camera?

A: After you create a new live stream in Wowza Video, the M3U8 or HLS playback URL will be provided to you in the playback tab of the UI.

A. Create a new stream in Wowza Video:

  1. Sign in to Wowza Video. 
  2. Click Add Live Stream.
  3. On the Live Stream Setup page, enter a Live Stream Name, choose a Broadcast Location, and then click Next.
  4. On the Video Source and Transcoder Settings page, select IP Camera as the camera or encoder you want to use to connect to Wowza Video.
  5. Enter the camera's Source URL. See the camera's user guide to get its address. The hostname or IP address must be publicly accessible. If authentication information, such as username and password, is included in the source URL, it can only contain alphanumeric, period (.), underscore (_), and hyphen (-) characters. 
  6. Specify other video source settings, and make sure to select the same Aspect Ratio that you use in your camera settings.
  7. Click Next, and complete the steps to finish creating the live stream.

B.  Get the M3U8 playback URL from the Wowza Video playback tab:

  1. Once you complete the stream setup, click on the Playback tab.
  2. The Playback tab shows a preview of the player, a summary of player settings, the player embed code, and playback URLs.

  3. You will have the choice between a player embed code or the M3U8 playback url for HLS playback which you can copy and paste.

For example, you will see this when you scroll down the page:



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