Creating a Stream Target in Wowza Streaming Engine to Push to DaCast

This article will show you have to configure an RTMP Stream Target for the DaCast video platform (hosted on Limelight Networks).

Example endpoint details provided by DaCast: 
URL: rtmp://
Username: un123456
Password: pwd1234567890
Stream name or Key: a12abcd34e567890123d4ef5g67890h_4500

Configuration within Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

You must choose the Limelight stream target so that Wowza Streaming Engine sends the details in the format required by Limelight.

Now, fill out the fields like the example below. 


Manual Configuration within the pushpublishmap.txt file: 

{YOUR SOURCE STREAM NAME}={"entryName":"DaCast via LLNW", "profile":"rtmp-limelight", "password":"pwd1234567890", "application":"dacastmmd", "destinationName":"limelight", "host":"", "userName":"un123456", "streamName":"a12abcd34e567890123d4ef5g67890h_4500", "enabled":"false"}