Secured HTTP Stream Failed Due to Port Binding Error

How to review logging for self-service troubleshooting?

Before Discussing the actual topic, If you’re not familiar on how to check the logging messages of your Wowza streaming engine we would strongly recommend you to have look at this article that talks about how to review log messages in Wowza streaming engine manager: View log messages in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

If your familiar with reviewing the actual log files, then you can find Wowza streaming engine logs at [install-dir]/logs folder. You can open those log files with a text editor for reviewing it.

Port Binding error:

WARN    200    _defaultVHost_    Bind failed, try again ([any]:443): Address already in use

The binding errors are usually caused by the fact that there is another service running on your server that is utilizing the ports used by Wowza streaming engine software.


There are two options towards resolution:

Option A: Check what other service is running on port 443 on your machine and stop it.

Check listening ports on Windows

  • Open Command Prompt and run the command:
netstat -an | findstr "443"

You should see output similar to the following:

Check listening ports on macOS and Linux

  • Open Terminal and enter the command:
netstat -an | grep '443'

Option B: As you already have an SSL HostPort configured, you can change the port used by editing the HostPort in WSE Manager as shown here:

To change the default host port, 

  • Click Server at the top of the manager page, and then click Virtual Host Setup in the contents panel.
  • Next, in the Virtual Host Setup page, click Edit, and then in the Host Ports section, click the pencil icon on the configuration which has 443 set as a host port.
  • Change to 8443and click apply
  • Restart the Wowza Streaming Engine


Once configured, your player should then be able to playback a secure stream via HTTPS using your StreamLock address.


It may also help to consider any firewall rules that may need to be set up when finalizing the alternate port for Streamlock.