Facebook Live Workaround with RTMPS

  1. As a workaround, please create a custom RTMPS stream target and use the Facebook Live Producer to gather the required credentials. Please see the steps below:
  • Create a custom stream target (See step 2 on how to get the RTMPS credentials from Facebook Live Producer). See the screenshot below:


  • Fill in the custom stream target details:

-Copy and paste the Stream Name/Stream Key from the Facebook page. 
-All other fields can be left blank.

  • Please see the screenshot below:

2. You can utilize the Facebook Live Producer to generate a stream key.

To find this stream key: 
a)  First, log in to your Facebook Page and then go to https://www.facebook.com/live/create
b) Click on Create Live Stream. 
c) -Select where you want to stream (Timeline, Page, etc.)

-Fill out the Title and Description details

-Copy the RTMPS credentials available in the middle of the page. 

See the below screenshot:

*Please make sure that you see the live stream in your preview page before selecting "Go Live" button.

d) Paste the credentials to your Custom target in the Cloud interface. 

e) Once the preview of your video shows up on the Facebook Live Producer window, click on "Go Live".