Why Can’t I register my new ClearCaster appliance?

If you have already attempted to walk through this article to register your ClearCaster and have had no success, take a look at the details below to attempt to resolve the issue. 

Ensure you are logged into the correct Wowza account that is associated with your ClearCaster Cloud Orchestration Subscription.

If you need to move your ClearCaster Orchestration Subscription to a different account from the one used to make the purchase please send an email to our Customer Experience team at customerservice@wowza.com.

How do I check if I have a ClearCaster Cloud Orchestration Subscription?

Sign in to your Wowza account and go here: https://portal.wowza.com/account/products


Under the ClearCaster Cloud Orchestration heading, there will be a subscription if one is available.

Still unable to activate after verifying your ClearCaster Cloud Orchestration Subscription? Open a support ticket

When all else fails, ask for help!

If you cannot open a Support ticket using the Online Portal, please e-mail Support at Support@wowza.com and provide the e-mail address associated with your account, a description of any error messages, issues you are seeing along with the affected ClearCaster Serial Number.