How do I move our Wowza license from an old server to a new one?

There are times when migrating from an older server to a newer one is necessary.  When this time comes for our customers, one of the most common questions we receive is regarding how to move the license key from the old server to the new server. 

At the bottom of the article we have provided the step-by-step migration guide, but please note the two tips highlighted below. 

Tip #1

Stop the Wowza Streaming Engine services

You can avoid being charged for a second instance (for Subscription keys) or to avoid a startup error (for Perpetual keys) when you create the new server instance to which you'll migrate your content and settings.

Tip #2

Request an R&D license

You can use this license key when you install Wowza Streaming Engine for the new instance. This enables you to run the old and new instances at the same time. You can then thoroughly test the new server software before migrating files from your backup.

To request an R&D license key, email


Migrate Wowza Streaming Engine to a new server instance