How do I update my Payment Method?

To update payment information, you must first be logged in as the Organization Owner or a Billing Manager for your account here:

NOTE: to become a Billing Manager, the Organization Owner must send a request to to add you to this role.

Once logged in, please go to "My Account" and visit the "Payment Options" tab.

Choose the option to "Add a new credit card" or PayPal agreement, and enter the complete payment details there.

Please ensure that you check the box to set the payment method as your default, and then save the changes. This will update the payment method in our system. Once completed, you may choose to select the old credit card and delete it.

If you received an email stating your payment method is expiring. Once you have completed the change please reply to that email and we will process the payment. Payment will not automatically process after a change is made.

Please refrain from attempting to update your payment method by modifying the expiration details of an existing card in our system. This will result in an error message being generated when we attempt to process your payment. Instead, kindly add a new credit card as a separate payment option. This will ensure that your payment is processed without any issues.