How to Publish to Microsoft Stream from your Wowza ClearCaster

Microsoft Stream uses a particular authentication method for which we have a current workaround to publish from your Wowza ClearCaster. 

First, you need to copy the Server Ingest URL from Microsoft Stream like in the sample image below:


Then, within the Wowza ClearCaster interface, you will use the Generic Single Target, or General Multiple Targets Universal RTMP Template to populate the ClearCaster Server URL using the details from where the RTMP URL is generated in the Microsoft Stream UI as follows:


Here is a screenshot of the setup in ClearCaster. You will copy the sample code format with your details into the ClearCaster template.  Note: In the Stream Name/Key field, you can add anything here. It cannot be left empty. For this example, we just used "MicrosoftStream".