ClearCaster Network Requirements

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Network requirements

To ensure that your Wowza ClearCaster operates as intended, review the following details with your network administrator to verify access to required servers and services through expected ports.

Note: All connections are initiated through an outbound request.

Outgoing communication

Wowza ClearCaster delivers data to the following ports.

Port 443 RTMPS and HTTPS delivery
Port 80 HTTP delivery
Port 1935 RTMP delivery
Port 1884 MQTT messaging for all ClearCasters v1.0.5.17 and later
Port 123 Time synchronization services (NTP)

Outgoing services

Wowza ClearCaster uses the following outgoing services and ports.

Service Port / URI Functionality TCP port 443 Remote administration interface TCP port 1884 MQTT messaging
* TCP port 1935 Sending broadcasts to Wowza Video TCP port 443 Communication with the Facebook Graph API TCP port 443 Communication with the Wowza ClearCaster GraphQL API UDP port 123 Time synchronization services (NTP) TCP port 80 Wowza license server 1 TCP port 80 Wowza license server 2 TCP port 80 Wowza license server 3 TCP port 80 Wowza license server 4

Licensing server

ClearCaster checks in with the Wowza licensing server on a regular basis. If you have an enterprise proxy, you will need to pass through these communications without authentication. If you have firewall devices such as WatchGuard or Barracuda in place, there may be a factory built-in rule called Webblocker category: streaming, which is known to block the licensing validation process.