Error Messages Common with SSL Certificate Configuration

Common Error Messages

  • Failed+to+reissue+SSL+certificate.+Error+-36+(The+certificate+has+already+expired)


1.   Check the [ssl-certificate-domain-namewas entered correctly in the Keystore path.

  • An SSL certificate domain name example:
  • Enter your StreamLock domain name in place of "[name]" in the Keystore path. 


2.    Confirm your password for the certificate is correct.

  • The password you created when downloading the Streamlock Certificate will need to be entered when configuring Wowza Streaming Engine to use the StreamLock certificate. Check that the KeyStorePassword value in [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml is correct. 

3.   Check the host port configured for SSL.

  • The httpsPort number must be different from the httpPort number (8080).
  • Make sure there's no other service running on the same computer that's using the newly assigned httpsPort port number.
  • We suggest port 443 for SSL.
  • Check that the port you are using is open to the firewall.
  • If you are using a port other than 443, please replace 443 with the port number you are using.For example if you use port 8443: wss://

4.  Check the StreamLock certificate expiration date.

  • After a StreamLock certificate has expired it can no longer be renewed, you will have to create a new StreamLock certificate and adjust any playback links that were using the previous certificate.


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